Philips Lumea Prestige BRI950 Review

Philips Lumea BRI950/00 Prestige IPL Hair Regrowth prevention Device for Body & Face

Philips Lumea BRI950/00 Review Summary

Much more effective than its predecessors, the new BRI range of Lumea Prestige IPL systems is the new must have. With an extraordinary 20 year lifespan, this investment in body hair reduction is a total bargain.

This IPL BRI950/00 model comes with face and body attachments and you’ll be doing your lower legs in under 9 minutes per treatment.

And those treatments will be increasingly few and far between!

The face attachment is small and precise for getting those annoying upper lip hairs that are the bane of your existence. Kiss them goodbye folks!

If you’re not bothered about treating your underarms or bikini line, then we can’t recommend this Philips Lumea highly enough. It even looks good!

The Good

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    Lasts 20 years
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    Treats body and face fast and effectively
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    Dramatically reduces hair growth much fast than previous models
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    Is both corded and cordless for full flexibility

The Bad

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    Doesn’t come with bikini or underarm attachments (but they are available on the BRI956 model)
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    Can't be used on light blonde, grey or red hair
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    Results can differ a lot for different people

In Depth Review

Philips Lumea BRI950/00 Prestige IPL Hair Regrowth prevention Device for Body & Face

Do you want to kiss goodbye to body hair?

In only 3 treatments, the new Philips Lumea BRI950/00 will free you of up to 92% of hair treated. 92%! 

As a trusted brand name with many years of IPL expertise, we’re huge fans of the Philips Lumea range.

Philips always make affordable products that keep going year after year. So when they released this new IPL machine recently, we were understandably keen to test it out.

What does the Philips Lumea BRI950/00 Prestige IPL come with?

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    1x Philips Lumea Prestige device
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    1x Face attachment
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    1x Body attachment
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    1x Luxury travel pouch
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    1x Power adaptor
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    1x User manual

Upgraded technology means even more effective…

There’s clearly been a lot of work going on at Philips because the previous models in the Lumea range had a 75% hair reduction after four treatments. Now it’s 92% after three treatments.

That’s a big difference.

Plus it makes life so much easier for those just getting into IPL. After all, IPL means no more body hair hassle!

Considerably more effective, the Lumea BRI950/00 will get rid of body hair for up to 8 weeks after the initial treatments.

From then on, you’ll only need to use it rarely to keep your skin smooth.

Buy one and never need another…

This Philips Lumea Prestige lasts for 20 years.

That’s right guys, twenty years.

Unlike most other brands, you don’t need replacement lamps and you don’t need to buy anything extra at all. This is a one time purchase.

No more expensive razors, no more smelly hair removal cream, just one IPL machine for the next two decades.

Neat eh?

Because IPL machines have little skin contact and aren’t used in water, they also stay super hygienic. You know that shower scum that settles on your razor handle? Yuck.

IPL machines stay dry and stay clean. All you need to do is give the screen a quick wipe every now and again.

Philips Lumea BRI950/00 Controls

Two attachments, one great result…

The Philips Lumea Prestige BRI950/00 comes with two attachments, a face attachment and a body attachment.

With a 4.1cm2 screen, the body attachment is great for treating large areas quickly. So quickly that it takes under 9 minutes to treat both lower legs! And remember, after 3 treatments up to 92% of hair is gone!

Bye bye shaving!

The Face attachment is another great feature because we all know there are just some areas where you need precision.

With a screen size of 3cm2, this little attachment gives you the precision you need to get hair on the upper lip, chin and jawline.

Because the light will only flash when its pressed against your skin, you don’t even need safety goggles to operate the Prestige on your face (or the rest of you). You know what that means?

It means that you won’t accidentally open the door to the postman wearing protective goggles.


Easy to use, one step at a time…

Philips Lumea BRI950/00 being used on the legs

The BRI950 works faster and better than old Lumea models.

The Philips Lumea BRI950/00 works both corded and cordless for the most flexibility possible. With a curved design, it moves smoothly along your skin as you flash and you’ll have completed your treatment in minutes.

The built-in SmartSensor actually senses your skin tone and tells you the most appropriate setting for you. This keeps the device totally safe and suited to your individual needs.

Do we love it?

The new and updated Prestige is hands-down fantastic. It works faster, it works better and it still has a great design.

Because this device prevents regrowth rather than just creating short term hair reduction, it will be your buddy for life.

After the first few treatments, you’ll hardly ever have to use it and body hair management will no longer be an annoyance.

Pretty great eh?

If you want to treat legs and face, this is the ideal IPL system for you. If you’re looking to treat bikini line and underarms too, head over to our review of the BRI956 where you can find out about those super useful extras.

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