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JLL R200 Review Summary

Super low profile, this is a remarkably swish looking rowing machine considering it's a very affordable price. Modern and robust, the JLL R200 uses silent magnetic resistance and will really challenge you as a beginner. 

This rowing machine is easy to set up and feels very stable. The seat slides smoothly and the the resistance levels are easy to change.

The one compromise is the LCD display which isn't as clear as it could be, nor is it backlit. If you want a kick-ass monitor, you'll need to look at pricier machines but if you just want to sweat your way to strength, this machine is really great. 


  • Very sleek and low profile. This JLL R200 doesn't take up much room and looks good.
  • Magnetic resistance with a good 10 level range. This will challenge you as a beginner and intermediate.
  • Foldable and affordable. This is easy to store in smaller homes and comes in at a very low price.


  • The LCD screen is quite simplistic and can be difficult to read. 
  • Resistance levels probably won't be high enough for very fit people looking for a challenge. 
  • The handle is the most comfortable and might be too large for some people.

In-Depth Review

About the Brand

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Based in Birmingham, JLL specialise in home and gym fitness equipment and make very affordable machines. They have many folding machine suitable for home environments and have a showroom you can visit. 

JLL R200 Features
JLL R200 Specificaiton

Technical Specifications

Resistance Type


Storage Options


Assembled Dimensions

180 x 52 x 49 cm

Storage Dimensions

Recommended Usage Space

Seat Height

Machine Weight


Weight Capacity



1 year

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In this JLL R200 review we'll look at who this rowing machine is suitable and whether it's worth it for you. We'll also look at the key features and any compromises the brand makes to provide a rowing machine at this low price. 

A great entry-level rowing machine

An entry-level rowing machine, the JLL R200 has resistance levels that will certainly challenge the beginner. Good for the elderly, those returning to exercise after a period away or those who just want to see what rowing is all about, this machine has 10 reasonable resistance levels. 

However, if you're already very fit, looking to train hard or looking to improve continuously for many years, you will reach the limit of resistance with this machine and need to invest in a better one down the line. For a rowing machine that will always challenge you no matter what your level, you'll need to look at air or water resistance. ​

Sleek, modern and sturdy

JLL R200 Rowing Machine Folded

The JLL R200 Rowing Machine is foldable, but if you have the space you will prefer to leave it out.

The build-quality of this rower is a little industrial around the edges but it feels as though it could withstand quite a bit. For the average beginner and casual rower, it should be a good investment.

This rower looks great and many budget rowing machines lack decent designs. This JLL R200 is low profile, sleek and looks good in the house. It is foldable, but it's a bit of a faff and if you have space to leave it out all the time, you'll probably want to. 

Track workouts and count those calories well burnt....

The LCD monitor on the JLL rower isn't the easiest to read while you're rowing and it doesn't display many functions at once but, it does track all the essentials. 

Often, the price differences in rowing machines are down to the quality of the computer but whether you're willing to spend more just for better tracking, is really up to you.

JLL R200 LCD monitor and handle.

This isn't a professional grade rowing machine but not everyone wants to train hard every day. Considering rowing machines offer a full-body workout, those of us who just want one piece of equipment to do our weekly workout session on will really benefit from a budget model like this.

A little strength training, a little endurance - a lot of added health

JLL R200 Rowing Machine

This machine is excellent if:

  • You want a full-body workout
  • You're not fussed about full on training statistics
  • You're a low to moderate user who doesn't want anything super professional
  • You want one machine that allows you to keep up a little bit of fitness​

Sitting down for the majority of every day, sat at desks and watching TV is a serious health hazard. But luckily, it doesn't take much exercise to dramatically improve our health. Rowing machines like this JLL give you the opportunity to to a little bit of exercise every few days, even if you're rowing in front of the TV!

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