Tunturi R25 Rowing Machine Review

Tunturi R25 Rower

Tunturi R25 Review Summary

For a budget rowing machine, this offers pretty good value for money. Using magnetic resistance, the Tunturi R25 is very quiet and easy to use although doesn't provide high enough resistance for already practised rowers. 

Overall a good machine for beginners and intermediates, this machine has a good computer that tracks all the essentials on an easy-to-read LCD screen. 

While it may lack the longevity and the infinite progression of the Concept 2 and WaterRowers, if you're looking to spend considerably less that those machines, this Tunturi should offer you a good strength and stamina workout.


  • Good LCD monitor provides essential workout tracking functions.
  • Magnetic resistance is silent and the machine is very quiet to use. 
  • Good resistance levels for beginners and intermediates. Multiple levels to choose from.


  • Doesn't have the build quality that you might expect. This is half the price of the best machines and you may have to replace parts after a year or two. 
  • Highest resistance levels are very high. If you're already strong or are going to be training, you may find you need more resistance than this machine can provide. 
  • It looks like piece of hospital equipment from the 90s. There's no denying it, this machine looks first-class retro. 

In-Depth Review

About the Brand

Tunturi Logo

A Finnish brand, Tunturi has actually been around for over 90 years and originated in Finland making bicycles. Always believing that accessible fitness was the way to a happy life, Tunturi began making fitness equipment thirty years ago and have established themselves successfully in the home equipment and gym equipment sectors. 

Tunturi R25 Rower footplates

Technical Specifications

Resistance Type


Storage Options


Assembled Dimensions

L:201 x W:53 x H:65 cm

Storage Dimensions

L:102 xW:53 xH:124cm

Recommended Usage Space

Seat Height

Machine Weight


Weight Capacity



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Key features of the Tunturi R25

It can be hard to choose a rowing machine but in this Tunturi R25 Review, we'll break it down for you. The Tunturi R25 is a magnetic resistance rowing machine with multiple resistance levels. If you're a beginner, it will easily give you a great workout.

Tunturi R25 Rower footplates

However, if you want to really push yourself for years to come, you will notice the resistance becoming less challenging. Want to train harder? Go for a Concept 2

A great thing about this machine is that it's near silent thanks to the magnets. If you like to watch TV while rowing, magnetic resistance is definitely the way to go. 

Track your progress with the Tunturi LCD monitor

Budget and mid-level rowing machines often have poor quality computers but the Tunturi doesn't compromise this. In fact, it's actually pretty good. It lacks the interactive quality of the Concept 2 PM5 but it easily tracks all the essentials in an easy-to-read format.

  • Time
  • Distance
  • Energy burnt
  • Strokes p/min
  • Heartrate​
Tunturi R25 Rower Computer

Tracking your workout is an important part of rowing for many people as your improvement can play a big role in keeping you enthusiastic and driven to continue. With home exercising, motivation can be a real challenge but a decent monitor will help tenfold. 

Tunturi R25 Rower Computer and Handle

The Tunturi R25 computer easily tracks all the essentials in an easy-to-read format.

User friendly and easy to store

This machine is foldable with relative ease and the wheels allow you to move it around without having to lift its weight. The initial set-up instructions are clear and you shouldn't have any trouble assembling it. 

This isn't the world's most attractive machine and while it's quite stable, it's not the most comfortable either. That being said, it does offer a great workout and a good monitor for the money and if you're a beginner or looking for a moderate full-body workout, this is a good rowing machine. 

Tunturi R25 Rower folded in a room.

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