V-Fit Tornado Air Rower Review

V-Fit Tornado Air Rower

V-Fit Tornado Air Rower Review Summary

A sleek, affordable air resistance rowing machine, the V-Fit Tornado Rower is a great mid-level machine for those who really want to try rowing in their own homes.

With similarities to the Concept 2, this V-Fit is worth considering if you don't want to pay out the premium prices for the world's best rowing machine. There's only one big difference. 

The computer on the V-Fit is simply nowhere near the quality of rowing machines like Concept 2, WaterRower and Kettler. It's simplistic, not the easiest to use and only offers a fairly bare minimum of information.  If you're not too bothered about tracking stats though then this may well be the affordable machine for you. If you love those numbers though, you might struggle with this. 


  • Low profile and sleek. Looks great and rows very well.
  • Air resistance means that you're  in control every step of the way and you will always get a challenging workout no matter how strong you become. 
  • Comfortable and smooth to use with a PU moulded seat and a wide pull bar. 


  • Computer has only simple stats and tracking abilities. Possibly not very useful for training or someone used to better monitors. 
  • Air resistance is the nosiest type of rowing machine resistance. 
  • Can be folded but it involves removing a bolt and is not the fastest process. 

In-Depth Review

About the Brand

V-Fit is a brand within the British Beny Sports UK company and dedicated to creating and selling home fitness equipment as well as semi-commercial machines. They cover a full range of prices right from budget upwards and often sell high quality machines at much more affordable prices than major brands.

Enjoy our V-Fit Tornado Rower Review and we hope it makes your decision much easier. 

Technical Specifications

Resistance Type


Storage Options

Can be folded

Assembled Dimensions

L:212 xW:44 x H:74 cm

Storage Dimensions

Recommended Usage Space

Seat Height

Machine Weight


Weight Capacity



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Affordable air resistance

The V-Fit Tornado Rower is a sturdy, well-built rowing machine that will help you get a full-body workout at the drop of a hat. Easy to set up and use, this is an excellent mid-level rowing machine that has the price of an entry-level machine. 

With chain drive, this machine should last for a very long time and has an excellent build standard. It's sleekly designed, takes up minimum space and the resistance is user controlled, allowing infinite progression. 

Small compromises for the keen exerciser

V Fit Tornado Air Rower Computer

The computer isn't awful but is definitely not in the same ballpark as those higher up in price.

The great thing about rowing machines is that they workout all your muscles without you needing more than one piece of equipment. So if you just want a straight-up good workout, they're fantastic. 

The only downside of this V-Fit Tornado is the computer and while it's not awful, it's certainly not in the same ball park as those higher up in price range. If you just want to track basic stats like time and distance, it'll be fine. If you're looking for really detailed progression tracking, heart rate monitor connections and download abilities, check out the Concept 2.

Small adjustments, big differences

V Fit Tornado Air Rower Seat

The seat is comfortable and the handle is a pleasure to use.

While the footstraps aren't as adjustable as on some other rowers, most people shouldn't have a problem keeping their feet secured and the comfortable seat and handle are a pleasure to use. 

With user adjusted resistance, you can't fail to get a good, intense workout from this machine and you can even achieve gentle, warm-up workouts on it if that's what you're looking for. 

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V Fir Tornado Air Rower
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