Braun vs Philips Lumea – The Kings of IPL

Braun vs Philips Lumea – The Kings of IPL

When it comes to home IPL machines, there are two clear leaders in the industry; Philips and Braun.

While Philips make a wide range of IPL devices under their Lumea range, Braun have chosen to specialise with just one or two. With very similar pricing and features, how are you supposed to choose between them?

Leave it to us.


Both the Lumea range and the Braun Silk-Expert are fantastic and will do a great job of getting you smooth and hair free. They all work as well as each other, so it’s really down to what you need and your preferences that define your purchase.

Love cordless? Get a Lumea.

Just want to do legs whenever you feel like it? Buy Braun.

The Lumea is easier to hold when doing fiddly places, and this is definitely true of small sections like the top of the lip. If you’re into the fiddly areas, Lumea is your choice all the way.

The Braun feels great to hold and is quite small so if you just want to do legs and to store your machine the rest of the time, it’s a great choice.

A Quick Overview

Philips Lumea

  • Comes in many variations enabling you to choose the specific extras that will benefit you
  • Specific attachments for small/fiddly areas
  • Can be corded or cordless
  • Fast and easy to use. The Lumea devices come with several modes and settings
  • No replacement bulbs or gels required. Extremely long lifespans into the decades
  • Extra integrated UV filters for more sensitive areas. This prevents damage to thinner skin around the face.

Braun Silk-Expert

  • Corded design means it’s always ready to go
  • Comes with free Sonic SkinSpa Exfoliator
  • Can be used all over body and face with just one attachment
  • Inbuilt skin tone sensor that takes readings continuously for expert safety and effectiveness
  • Good lifespan between 6-14 years
  • Gentle mode for more sensitive areas. This cuts the intensity level to protect this thinner and more sensitive skin while still working well

The Main Differences between Lumea & Braun

Philips Lumea

Philips Lumea SC2005
  • Longer lifespans
  • Range of attachments for more precision
  • You have the option of cordless design
  • Lots of variations to choose from to get the IPL device that suits you

Braun Silk-Expert

Braun Silk-expert IPL BD5009
  • Only one complete device, no attachments
  • Only corded
  • Continuous skin colour testing


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The Lumea is a fantastic machine that comes in multiple variations that suit the individual user. With special facial attachments that contain better UV filters and small windows for precision, if you want an IPL device that does face, armpits and bikini line well then it’s got to be the Lumea.

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If you just want to larger areas like legs and stomach then Braun is just as good as the Lumea range. With a good sized light window, you can complete legs very quickly.

The Braun Silk-Expert is also ideal if you’re one of those people who have long lasting tans. While you can’t use IPL devices if you’ve tanned recently, a longterm tan produces uneven skin tones that the Braun will automatically sense and alter settings for.

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How Does the Price Compare?

Top of the range Lumea systems are expensive, but they also last for many years, even decades. Braun’s Silk-Expert is mid-range in the price department but you can buy cheaper Lumea’s if you don’t need all the attachments.

Our Favourite

For a decade long IPL investment, we choose the Lumea systems. This is because they have so much flexibility in attachments, great lifespans and are just all-round easy to use. We especially like the choice between corded and cordless.