Gillette Venus Naked Skin Review

Gillette Venus Naked Skin Intense Pulsed Light Hair Reduction System

Gillette Venus Naked Skin Review Summary

Designed by Braun, sold by Gillette, aimed at…BT customers? Telephonic design aside, this is an interesting IPL machine. It does work well and definitely gives you significantly reduced body hair within 6-1 weeks, but it has added extras that just add annoyance.

It must be used with Gillette activating gel ‘liberally’ and while it comes with two tubes, they won’t last long at all. The separate skin sensor is just another thing to look after and isn’t as clever as Braun’s Silk-Expert inbuilt one that takes continuous readings.

Overall, if you want an IPL machine that comes at a low price, this does work well. But if you want something that’s well-designed and comes with the least fuss and effort possible, this isn’t the one for you.

In-Depth Review

About the Brand

Gillette is part of Braun’s product range and typically they make excellent products.

Affordable and for the average person, Gillette has a reputation for providing millions of people with smooth skin every year.

What does the Gillette Venus Naked Skin come with?

  • Naked Skin IPL machine
  • Machine case
  • 2 x 100ml tubes of Gillette’s activating gel
  • Separate skin tone sensor
  • Manual
Gillette Venus Naked Skin Box

So let’s be honest here, this IPL device could easily trick your half-blind granny into thinking that it’s a telephone. Gillette loses big points for design here, especially in the face of other Braun linked products like the fantastic Braun Silk-Expert IPL machine.


Gillette Venus Naked Skin being used on legs

Skin Sensor: It’s important to use IPL devices on the right intensity settings in order to cater for your skin type Almost all IPL machines have skin sensors because it takes out the element of user error.

This Gillette Naked Skin comes with a skin sensor separate from the IPL device, which is an odd move. Philips Lumea and Braun Silk-Expert both have inbuilt automatic skin sensors which are far faster to use than this one.

Top Tip – The Braun Silk-Expert has a skin sensor than takes readings after every flash, ensuring ideal intensity levels over different areas of skin (i.e. tanned sections). See our review here.

Gillette Venus Naked Skin Activation Gel

Activating Gel: This comes with two tubes of activating gel that are Venus Gillette branded. While there are rumours that you can use other brands, at the end of the day it’s a pain to have to use any gel at all.

What’s it even for? Gillette is a little vague on this, saying that it improves the effectiveness and shows you areas you’ve already treated (simply by the disarray of the gel in those areas rather than anything fun like colour changing).

Corded: Corded devices, i.e. those that must be plugged into the mains, definitely have their upsides when it comes to IPL. Nothing is worse than making time to do a treatment but realising that your IPL device need charging! This Naked Skin IPL machine is mains powered – good for forgetful people, not good for those with limited socket supplies.

All over treatment: This machine can be used anywhere on the body without needing additional attachments or devices. This is very useful although without smaller attachments, fiddly areas can be difficult.

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  • Corded design means it never needs recharging
  • Can often be had for a very low price
  • Can be used on any body part
  • Comes with a storage case


  • Separate skin sensor seems like extra fuss
  • Weird design looks like an old-style telephone
  • Needs to be used with activating gel – this means continued expenditure and extra mess
6 /10
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Gillette Venus Naked Skin

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