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SmoothSkin Gold IPL Hair Removal System

SmoothSkin Gold IPL Review Summary

Compared to the cost of the cordless Philips Lumea models, this IPL device is surprisingly expensive. Nevertheless it is very effective and has a range of settings that allow it to be used all over the body.

The automatic intensity setting is without a doubt the best feature on this and it saves you from having to consult a colour and hair chart if you’re going between two different skin or hair types. Without separate attachments, you can still use this on the face or body and the automatic detection function will change intensity settings if it thinks you require it.

This is an attractive device and it should last for around six years if used monthly after the initial 12-week period. As always, the manual should be consulted before any use at the beginning but generally, this is a very user-friendly machine.

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In-Depth Review

SmoothSkin are a beauty company with thirty years of business behind them and have a much smaller range than the major global contenders like Philips and Remington. Nevertheless, they’re building a loyal following and have produced a very elegant device that works well.

What does the SmoothSkin Gold IPL Hair Removal System come with?

SmoothSkin Gold comes with:

  • 1x SmoothSkin Gold
  • 1x quick start guide
  • 1x mains cable
  • 1x power pack
  • 1x storage pouch
  • 1x instruction manual
SmoothSkin Gold IPL Machine

One of the best looking devices...

SmoothSkin Gold Top View

This SmoothSkin Gold is certainly one of the best-looking IPL devices on the market and has a whole host of intriguing technology inside it too. Black and sleek with gold trim, this device looks cool and does an excellent job.

The power bars to the side of the light window indicate not just power, but also tell you which skin tone you have so that you can use the correct intensity setting. This is a great piece of technology as it ensures you won’t be using too high or too low an intensity or risk damaging your skin.

This Detect and Set setting adjusts the setting automatically and this is particularly useful when using the device on varying tone sections of your body. For instance, the face may be slightly darker than the legs as it gets more sun exposure. Instead of having to reset the settings yourself, this device will see the change in tone and change accordingly.

The SmoothSkin Gold features a unique mode...

This IPL system has two modes just like the Philips Lumea range and the Remington i-Lights.

Glide Mode

The Glide mode enables continuous flashing with a break of 0.9 seconds between each flash. While SmoothSkin advertise this as the fastest IPL machine on the market due to this feature, it does mean that you have to move to each new section faster, which might be annoying for some.

Stamp Mode

The Stamp mode allows you to take your time placing the window against the correct area of skin before the flash and this makes it ideal for smaller, harder to reach areas such as the face, underarms and bikini area. No gel is required and the device fits very snugly in your hand, making even difficult to reach areas surprisingly easy with its ergonomic design.

This SmoothSkin Gold Permanent Hair Reduction tool also uniquely features a Gentle Mode, which you can set at the press of a button to reduce the energy output. This is ideal for more sensitive skin and can easily be reset to standard mode again.

A superb lifetime of six years...

SmoothSkin Gold on Armpit

The lifetime of this model is 120,000 flashes which, when you only need to continue the treatment on a monthly basis, equates to around six years of use. While not as long-lasting as the Philips Lumea range, this is still a superb lifetime and it comes in at a very affordable price.

Highly effective with results seen within a couple of weeks, this is a really good alternative to the lower range Philips Lumeas. Unfortunately this isn’t cordless which is only a downside because the cord has a habit of getting in the way. Also it limits you to treating your skin within range of a plug socket.

To see if you’re skin is compatible with SmoothSkin Gold, you can take a look at the user manual here in PDF.

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The final word on the SmoothSkin Gold...

The SmoothSkin Gold IPL Hair Removal System has a range of different settings that allow use over the entire body. It's not just an attractive device, it's also very effective. The automatic intensity setting is the best feature.


The Good Stuff:
  • Very effective at removing hair
  • Looks great
  • Automatically adjusts intensity setting to suit the skin
  • Long life
The Bad Stuff:
  • Corded
  • Pricey

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