Tria Hair Removal Laser vs Philips Lumea

Tria vs Lumea

Tired of shaving and waxing?

Looking for an easy way to become permanently hair-free?

Laser hair removal and IPL both offer to significantly reduce and/or totally eradicate the body hair you don’t want to deal with anymore. But home IPL and home laser hair devices can be expensive.

So which one is best?

Here we’ll help you decide whether to buy the Tria Laser Hair Removal or the Lumea IPL system.

Congratulations, you’re on your way to being smooth and sleek forever!

A Quick Overview

Tria Home Laser Hair Removal

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X


  • Uses precision laser to eradicate body-hair in as little as 8 weeks! After you’ve finished the treatments, hair will be permanently gone or just require one or two more sessions.
  • Excellent digital display that’s easy to read. This shows you charge level, intensity level, skin colour reading and pulse counter. That makes it easy to use and ensure that you’re automatically on the right settings!
  • Fantastic design makes the Tria 4X a pleasure to use. While Philips machines can look ugly, Tria have worked hard to put great technology in a great looking device that’s eye-catching and cool to look at.
  • Permanently removes up to 70% of body hair in treated areas.


  • Only lasts 30 minutes – just enough time to do one lower leg. This means you have to recharge it just to do both legs. Big downside.
  • No attachments for other body parts so if you want to do small areas like face or bikini line, you’ll have to buy a whole new device; the Tria Precision. This doubles the initial price.
  • More expensive than the Lumea by quite a bit. For something that can only do large body areas like legs, the expense makes you think twice about the Tria.
  • The only individuals who can’t use laser hair removal are those with dark skin. Unfortunately the laser is capable of damaging darker skin colours.

Philips Lumea IPL Systems

Philips Lumea SC1997 Box


  • The Lumea top of the range model comes with many attachments. This means with just one device you can use it on bikini area, legs, face, armpits and anywhere else!
  • IPL machines use flashes of light to knock out hair follicles – so their lifespan is measured in flashes. With up to 250,000 flashes, the Lumea system should last you for many years. This means you only need to buy one.
  • Full Lumea range means that you can choose the system that suits you along with the price. Corded? Cordless? All the attachments? Just bikini line? Just legs? Total flexibility makes this system very individualised. Just pay for what you need!
  • Has several modes for different body areas and is fast to use. Hair reduction is seen after just one month.
  • Fast to use with a full leg taking just 15 minutes. Repeat once every four to six weeks for smooth legs.


  • Can never permanently get rid of all hair. However, hair will be significantly reduced.
  • Must be used every 4-6 weeks to maintain smooth, hair free skin. The Tria laser can get rid of hair completely after a certain amount of treatments while the Lumea will always need to be used.
  • Can be expensive but you can often get great deals, which make it cheaper than the Tria Laser Device.
  • Doesn’t work on very light hair or very dark skin. The guide below is from Philips and shows the hair/skin colours ranges suitable for the Lumea systems.
Philips Skin Tone/Hair Colour Chart

Philips skin tone / hair colour chart - The guide from Philips and shows the hair/skin colours ranges suitable for the Lumea systems.

You should buy...

...the Tria 4X if:

Tria 4X in Turquoise
  • You want permanent hair removal.
  • You only want to have hair free legs or hair free bikini line/face.
  • You have very light hair.

...a Philips Lumea if:

Philips Lumea SC2005
  • You want to be able to remove hair from anywhere on your body.
  • You don’t mind doing these fast treatments every 4-6 weeks.
  • You want hair-free areas but don’t need to be permanently hair-free.
  • You want a cheaper method than the Tria.

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